Monday, July 21, 2008

The Yarn Piggie Emerges.

I am not dead. I did not forget about my blog. But holy mother of hell, has this been one busy summer.

FC2 was sick and out of daycare for a whole week with some mysterious fever, and now I've had it for the last week. I think I'm at the tail end of it, thank god.

Good news about my foster care article; in the letters to the editor section of this month's magazine, somebody gave me some great feedback on my little Prepare for Breakage article. Note to self: MUST WRITE MORE.

I have been spinning up a lot of yarn, which will go on sale next week in my new Etsy store, Next week I'm also on vacation, so I hope to be dying my first rovings under the willow tree. I will try to take pics so I can post them here.

Thank you, gentle readers, for patiently waiting out the silence. I'm back!

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