Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sit and Spin, Baby!

I went to my spinning class last night and it was awesome. Not to be too frat boy about it but DUDE! Fiber is so much fun! I suck at it and it's still way fun! The lady, Brigitte, at Bahr Creek Fiber Studio is really nice. Just about the time you're thinking, hmm, maybe I should just cut off my fingers and grow some new ones that WORK, she tells you how well you're doing and just do this and VOILA! you're spinning. For like 1.3 seconds and then it falls apart and the roving breaks and the little tail end of roving gets sucked up onto the spindle, cackling, and you can almost hear it laughing at you, and you feel like you really should be re-assigned to the short bus because obviously you're not competent enough to drive yourself home.

But it's TOTALLY FUN. I'd recommend it to anybody. I've always been a process knitter though so even when I feel like I'm trying to puppeteer somebody else's heavy clay hands I'm having fun with it.

I bought a wheel. I [heart] my wheel. I tried out 6 wheels altogether and this one felt ... right. It just WORKED. Brigitte was very non-committal about which style wheel she liked, she just kept saying that when you find the wheel you like you just know it, and she was right. It's a Schacht wheel called The Ladybug and it's just perfect. Richard put it together for me last night when I got home (thank you Sweetie!!) and then I completely flubbed my demo for him. I slept like a dead person last night, and dreamt of roving.

I bought four batches of roving in four different colors. My brain was too foggy to think last night so I didn't get pics of the roving, but I did get pics of my wheel. I spun almost a whole bobbin of one-ply last night but left it at Bahr Creek because I'll ply it with whatever I spin this week when I have my next lesson.

Here is my baby. Jezebel approves. Her eyes actually glow with love in the last pic. I know exactly how she feels.

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