Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spun, Part II

And behold my second yarn:
It's spun a little better than the blue and green, with both strands being about the same width. Sort of. I need a lot of practice!

So tonight I'll go after the variegated roving, or maybe the purple. I think the purple, because I want to spin the variegated really nicely, and I need some tips so I think I'll wait until class tomorrow night.

Not much happening on the knitting front. I'm almost done with sock #1 of Richard's first pair. I'm about 6 rows into a very ambitious sweater. I should post some pics of FO's I never posted, because I'm just going to have to fake it until I get off my spinning kick.

Richard thinks it's funny that I suck at geography. No, you don't understand. I really, really SUCK at geography. The other night I asked him a perfectly legitimate question, to my mind:

"Is New Mexico a state?"

3-second stare as he deliberates whether or not I'm serious. I blink, waiting patiently.


He snickers.



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