Saturday, August 16, 2008

Etsy and Innocence

So I have sold 5 rovings so far and have an order for one that I just dyed today. I have dyed 3 more that I will post on Monday, and will dye a bunch more tomorrow morning. This is awesome.
I was at Barnes & Noble on my lunch break one day this week, and the woman ahead of me in line had two little boys. One was about 5 and the other I'd put at, ohh, maybe 7 or 8. While the youngest was having a whiny battle of wills over a "karate bookmark" (wooden bookmark with chinese symbols on it, bet you $1 they had nothing to do with karate), the older was crouched down looking at a magazine on the bottom rack of the stand by the cashier.

There were two magazines to choose from:

and some sports magazine with a bunch of very drunk, very happy Packer fans on the front of it.

Guess which one he was deeply interested in? Yep, the Packers. Which made me wonder; when exactly does that change? When is that switch flipped?

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