Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

The not-yet-felted giant slippers I gave to my family-in-law members felted up beautifully, according to their happy new owners. I was worried; I hadn't done a trial run with a pair due to quite painful time restrictions, so that was good news.

Richard and I are very excited about our foster girls moving in by the end of January. Child A is 6 and Child B is 5. They will probably be a longer term placement, meaning possibly 6-12+ months. They will be staying in what used to be the guest bedroom, which was wall-to-wall wolves. Pictures, figurines, books, and even a carved eggshell wolf lived in there.

The wolves have been evicted and the cappuccino-colored walls have been repainted a cheerful, creamy orange. Green and pink flowers are stamped along the top in a whimsical border, with some tumbling down the walls. A beautiful new oak bunk bed has replaced the queen bed and sports cheerful pink comforters and big fluffy pillows in stripey pillowcases. My old hope chest has been filled with toys, and a Ryan's Room Dollhouse sits in the corner. Richard and I made a 4' x 4' black chalkboard and now it's hanging on the wall with colored and white chalks lined up in the routered tray. "Welcome [Child A] & [Child B]!" and flowers (Richard made those - how cute is that?) will greet our two little guests.

Waiting, waiting....

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