Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Haven Fleece

Nope, not dead yet. A bit bedraggled and most of my mind is now kept artificially alive in BerrEgads (all my computers have always been named [something] Egads since I was 18 - don't ask), but definitely not dead. I sent off an article I wrote that now holds the title of First Article Ever Submitted By Me. I submitted it to Fostering Families Today on 1/17. I still haven't heard back but that's ok. The hard part is over.

So I'm working on a sweater for one of the kidlets. It's called a New Haven Fleece. Since I seem to be reduced to blogging only at work, the crappy photo is from BerrEgads. That's what you get when you're reliant on flourescent lighting. I'm working on one of the sleeves right now.

It's pink and purple, in case you can't tell. Most people with eyes can't. It's a pretty bad picture.

The kidlets are settling in and keeping us on our toes. Most of our friends and family figure us for dead by this point since we've lost all contact with people outside of daycare and school. Rest assured we will re-enter the land of the living soon. We have a respite scheduled this weekend and the hubby and I get two whole days to ourselves. The mind reels. I hope to pop out of the vacuum we've created and perhaps enjoy a dinner that does not include anybody sneezing directly into my ear or worrying about the repercussions of two children gone wild on a wicked sugar buzz from dessert. Wish us luck.

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