Thursday, December 20, 2007


Ohhh dear. I've written/deleted/rewritten this post about three times now, but THIS time I'm sticking to it. I've gone and Etsied myself again. I weakened and bought two skeins of sock yarn this week. One from MJstitch and one from Twisted. MJ is cleaning out her stash and there was such a lovely bit that I just couldn't stop myself, and then there's the one from Twisted that I've been drooling over for just ages now.

I think I know where things went sideways. At night, when I should be schnuffling through my stash to get my hit of yarn fumes, I am too busy knitting the Christmas oil. So then I get to work, and have no choice but to go to and just ... browse. Innocent, electronic sauntering through the virtual aisles. Popping into a new shop here, browsing a beloved bin there. After weeks of virtue and abstinence, I weakened, I admit it. I didn't perform the necessary preventative measures and now I and my poor, bewildered husband must pay the price.

1 skein de-stashed sock yarn: $23
1 skein Twisted lovely sock yarn: $30
Opening the mailbox to discover a soft squishy package of wonderful: Priceless

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