Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No New Yarn!

I have almost reached ONE WHOLE WEEK of not buying yarn! Ha! Not online yarn, not favorite lunchtime hangout yarn, not second-favorite lunchtime hangout yarn, not Saturday-hubby's-at-work yarn, nada. N-A-D-A. Plus, I'm almost done with the pair of socks I'm making for somebody for Christmas, and ready to start on other secret projects. Ma-ha-ha-ha...

I got my Whoville's Grinch in the mail yesterday. Once again, I'm in loooove.. swoon! It's from GypsyKnits on Etsy. She included the cutest little handmade stitch marker too. I think I'll resist getting into handmade stitch markers though. It would be like falling into a hole with no bottom, and I've already done that with yarn. Tightly focus your obsession, people, and you'll have a much happier marriage.


Husband said...

Note from husband,
Although you did not purchase any yarn, you did recieve yarn. I believe that for a week to truly be yarn purchase free, you cannot count weeks where you have planned ahead and recieve yarn because you still have new yarn to add to your collection. It does not truly "feel" like the restraint you seem to be boasting about, but I'm sure we will discuss the details of it later. At any rate I am proud of you for the restraint and effort you have shown in this past week and look forward to the "secret" knitting projects you will soon be working on.

Your loving husband, Richard.

Wife said...

Oh, if only I could focus on the *content* of your comment, but I am constantly dragged away from the meaning by your persistent misspelling of "receive". It's a good thing you're so purty, honey.