Tuesday, February 26, 2008

An Homage to My Husband

Dearest Richard,

Sometimes I think we get lost in the everyday. Weeks slip by and we kiss good morning and we kiss goodnight, and we kiss in between, and somehow forget how truly special we are together. Hopefully this little post will remind you how I see you, everyday.

You do the dishes in the morning. I never have to worry if there will be clean plates for dinner, or if there's a dishwasher full of dirty dishes. It's wonderful and I try my hardest to remember how wonderful that is every day.

Friday mornings you collect all the garbage in the house and get it out to the curb. I never have to worry about it. Ever!

Every morning I wake up to the smell of fresh coffee. Mmmmmagic.

Every morning, I know the girls will eat their bowl of Cheerios, because you woke them up and poured their cereal and made sure they had spoons. It warms my heart.

Every night when I get home I know you will be there. If you're not, I know where you are. You're never "at the bar", or "out, see you when I see you".

You carry your phone and even if you don't answer it, I know that it's not because you're avoiding me.

You go to work every day even though things may not be so great there.

You start my car for me on cold mornings, and brush off the snow. When I see your shoeprints in the snow it makes me smile and get a little misty, imagining you brushing off my car and caring about me.

You make sure my oil gets changed when it's due.

You try to call your mom every Thursday, because you've done that since college. I can't explain what that makes me feel, except that it brings tears to my eyes.

You mow our lawn and don't drown it in pesticides. You accept our lawn for who it is, and though you may throw a few handfuls of seed, you don't try to kill every weed. Weeds are just plants that don't sit at the popular lunch table.

You make sure our driveway is cleared of snow. You even clear a path down the old driveway for Bandit, so he has somewhere safe to walk with his bad hips.

You make and keep dentist and doctor appointments without me ever having to remind you.

You love our little binkies as much as I do, and are sad when one dies.

You try to read the books I recommend.

You read books on your own, to learn and to improve.

You are always striving to be a better person.

You understand how important it is to contribute to the community, and happily go overboard with me.

You talk me down from the ledge when I'm having a rough day, and being too hard on myself.

You've become a foster parent, with me, and co-created this unique, warm, loving life that we share.

You believe in God and love him as much as I do.

You can be silly with me, and have fun with me, and be serious with me, and are just my best friend ever.

There are about a million more reasons why you are the man I fell in love with, and married, and to whom I gave my heart unconditionally. How about we snuggle in bed tonight and I'll tell you 100 more before we go to sleep.


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