Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just Kidding

Richard's good old-fashioned headcold turned out Tuesday to be pneumonia. Just an area in one lung, about the size of a silver dollar. Thank goodness. He's on antibiotics and a prescription cough suppressant, but I don't think the cough suppressant is doing much. My sinus infection was doing well until today. It's just acting up and I can't stop sneezing and blowing my nose. What a fun pair we are.

We had another snow day on Wednesday. I'd say we got about 15 inches. An absolutely ridiculous amount of snow if you ask me. Last night after the kidlets were in bed Richard and I went out to move snow. I was shoveling his truck off and wondering if we moved to Michigan and nobody told me.

We were all home. Richard's cough suppressant makes him sleepy, so I had to watch the girls while he napped a good part of the day. The girls spent some time in both the morning and afternoon sledding in the backyard. Richard made me a fire in the fireplace so I got to spend a couple of hours in the morning listening to NPR, sipping coffee, knitting, and watching the fire while the girls played. It was magical.

The New Haven Fleece is coming along very nicely.

One sleeve is done and the other is almost there. All I have left to do after that is the buttonholes and collar ribbing. FC1 is getting very excited! I think the second Fleece will go much faster now that I know the "tricks" in this particular pattern. Not that it's complicated. I'm just sort of a dimwit sometimes and have to rip things out a couple of times before the "ah-ha!" moment hits.

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