Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Haven Fleece is Done ... But Unphotographed!

I have yet to catch my breath from last weekend when I got the New Haven Fleece done for FC1, but I am determined to get it photographed this weekend. I want to take a photo using natural light because I'm sick of the washed-out utter CRAP photos I've posted lately. I'm going to have to start using Richard's eBay lightbox for photos of the small stuff because I'm just so unimpressed by my photos lately.

The whole time I've been knitting the NHF, FC1 has been trying it on. Before sleeves, after sleeves, after some of the finishing was done even. Absolutely delighted with the whole thing. I gave it to her on Saturday and fully expected her to put it on immediately. Instead, she beams up at me and says, "I'm going to save it for pajamas!" I said, noooo, I think you should wear it today when we go out for lunch. "Hmm. No. I want to save it for pajamas." It started to dawn on me that she didn't want to wear it. Perhaps ever. Vision slightly foggy around the edges, I asked, So are you embarassed to wear it? She nods. Why? "The sleeves make my arms look fat."

This from a 49-pound bobbleheaded waif.

After three weeks of knitting for the little nipper.

Oh, hell no. No, my dear little girl, you will wear the sweater and you will love it. You will cherish every stitch, because every stitch was knit with love and sometimes tinked and reknit several times.

After that little bump in the road I cast on something for me, all me, something I will love, cherish, and possibly go to my grave with. I'm working on a pair of socks using my lovely, lovely, completely scrumptious Twisted sock yarn, Netherfield.
And, because I'm a slow learner, I'm also knitting the second New Haven Fleece for FC2. I have already clarified with her that she will NOT be using it for pajamas, however. Ground rules are important.

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