Thursday, November 15, 2007

How do you eat Cheerios?

This is a general observation, based on a recent conversation with one of my more neurotic coworkers (we get along fabulously). He and I both eat Cheerios (and Rice Crispies) in the exact same way.

1. Pour cereal into bowl.
2. Pour milk over cereal slooowly, making sure to coat each single piece of cereal thoroughly in milk. Use back of spoon to dunk stubborn bits.
3. Sprinkle sugar over cereal evenly, from bowl edge to bowl edge.
4. With spoon, cut straight down through top layer of sugary cereal carefully so as not to disturb other potential bites. Scoop up cereal from directly below sugar crust. Milk to cereal ratio must be precise. If necessary, repeat until this ratio is achieved.
5. Deliberately lift bite away from its sugary brothers and into your mouth.
6. Savor.

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