Friday, November 16, 2007

Hand-Painted Sock Yarn, Get Thee Into My Stash

I got ALL of these great links from ONE comment string on What an amazing community of knitters! I bought this beautiful yarn at for a steal at $26, and I feel little to no shame. Sorry, Richard. It was a crime of passion.

Here's a bunch more great links. I checked out every single one. What a great "cruise" through the gelatinous, wobbly, super-saturated world of sock yarn. Ripping off a Tom Robbins quote from Still Life with Woodpecker, hand-painted sock yarn is as ruddy and indiscreet as a plastic sack full of hickeys. Porn for knitters. : Spindlecatstudio : Sunshine Yarns : Yarn by Epicurus : Great little bags perfect for socks or other small projects. : Sophie's Toes : LotusYarns : Sundara Yarns : Woolly Boully : Franklin sock yarn by Kangaroo Dyer. Good yardage, very strong. : Yarn Pirate. GORGEOUS. : YarnChef : DharmaFey : PigeonroofStudios : dkKnits

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