Monday, November 5, 2007

Mouse Cozy

I whipped out this little computer Mouse Cozy today while I stayed home from work sick as a dog. It's a Christmas present and I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it thoroughly. I used a pattern I found online, but instead of expensive merino yarn I went to my local craft store and rummaged through the bargain bin (a few weeks ago, before this hellspawn flu was even a bad dream). I found a Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick, color "Old Flannel" ($2). Since I used a completely different yarn, I had to change the pattern considerably. To tell you the truth, I couldn't tell you how or where I changed stuff, but of course I used a LOT less stitches because Chenille is way chunky compared to merino. And I ended up using the back end as the front, because it just ended up tapering better that way. I didn't use an i-cord for the tail because the yarn was too chunky and it would have looked like a gray alligator tail by the time I had three stitches into it, so I just used a single strand of yarn after it was all done. I didn't use the white yarn for the whiskers because I spaced out at the store and bought a clearanced black instead ($2). I just looked a clearanced fuzzy yarn that looked like whiskers to me. Instead of the expensive ribbon yarn they recommended for the nose and eyes, I bought embroidery floss ($.33) and tripled it, then used a yarn needle to make the eyes and nose. It turned out pretty cute, I think!


Kevin M said...

Cute? Oh My God, how terific is this. Someone will certainly be well how can I say, speechless to find this little gem under the ol' christmas tree!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I think i'm making the same one as you right now. Is it the DIY one?

Muriel said...

Yes, it is... I have the words "Mouse Cozy" linked so you can go right to the pattern. It was so fun and easy! The recipient loved it. Good luck!