Sunday, November 4, 2007

Richard's Hat and Scarf

This is the hat and scarf set that I made my wonderful hubby Richard shortly after I took up knitting again. He had his heart set on having a suuuuper long hat and scarf, and he loved these. The original stocking hat pattern called for stripes, but he chose a variegated yarn that turned out just beautifully. It measures about 4' long with the ribbing.

I made up the "pattern" for the scarf, which was so simple I won't bother making a separate pattern page for it. CO 30 stitches; knit 1 rib pattern for 10 rows, then K30 in garter stitch for 10 rows. Then repeat these two rows until scarf is as long as you like. I made it super long to match the very long hat. I think it looks sort of alpine-y, making me think of a ski lodge.

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