Sunday, November 4, 2007

Outing My Stash

This is my stash. I'm outing it, right here in public. I refuse to pretend to be ashamed of it, like I see so many knitters doing online. I love mine. It's pretty and I picked out every single skein with projects in mind. It's part of the joy of knitting, imagining all the lovely as-yet unknit things to be made. Knitting castles in the sky as you finger a fuzzy nylon, or a sweet as sugar baby sweater with that organic cotton. You can almost feel that rusty blue scarf made from that bulky clearanced yarn. Fingering, handling, buying, knitting, wearing or giving. These are the wonderful things to be done with balls of string. Don't be ashamed to love to dream. When my stash gets too big to use, I will share it with other knitters, or take it to retirement homes and knit with elderly folks who have lots to say and nobody to say it to. This string will never be wasted.

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